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How to use imported STLs?

h_e_witsenburgh_e_witsenburg Member Posts: 4

I am completely new to Onshape and learning fast from watching YouTube tutorials. But one thing I just cannot get done. I've created a new project and imported 3 STL files. A 2020 extrusion profile, a MGN12 rail and a MGN12H cart. Now how do I get all parts in one view, so I can move them around, align them and draw the elements between / on them I want to draw? I've searched for a relevant tutorial but not found one, if you know one please link it.



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    andrew_slovakandrew_slovak Member Posts: 11
    I'm also fairly new, but I've kind of given up trying to work with imported STLs. Since they're meshes, OnShape views them much differently than actual solid parts. I was able to find a tutorial a while back that used FreeCAD to import the STL, work some magic on it and convert the STL to a solid, export it from FreeCAD and then import that into OnShape, since afaik OnShape doesn't currently support turning STLs into solid parts.
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    edward_petrilloedward_petrillo Member Posts: 80 EDU
    There is no reason whatsoever to import 8020 components or other mechanical parts as STL's.  8020.net and mcmaster.com offer thousands of parts in more appropriate formats such as *.STP (STEP) and *.x_t. (Parasolid)- there are several other websites such as GrabCAD that aggregate models from other sources.  Learn to use the built-in Frame tool or this  custom feature to generate 8020 profiles in your Parts Studios and avoid imports.

    Import each part into its own Part Studio.  Learn how to insert them into an Assembly to build your mechanism.  Use the OnShape Learning Center to access the most informative guidance for all of these techniques.  Good Luck!
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    michael3424michael3424 Member Posts: 682 ✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓
    Trace Parts appears to have parts like that available for download in a variety of parts that would be better suited for import into OS.  For example:


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    h_e_witsenburgh_e_witsenburg Member Posts: 4
    Thank you all for your answers, I will look into using other format than STL.

    @edward_petrillo; I appreciate your recommendation to learn how to insert them into an Assembly, that is exactly the question. Can you show me where and how to find this informative guidance?


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    edward_petrilloedward_petrillo Member Posts: 80 EDU
    Sure.  Go to the Learning Center- big button at top right of screen.  You should investigate all of the 'self-paced courses".  Here is a selection of courses on assemblies- start with fundamentals and basics:
    https://learn.onshape.com/catalog?labels=["Self-Paced Courses"]&values=["Assemblies"]
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