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i can't draw a sketch where I want it to be.

luka_vogelluka_vogel Member Posts: 4
Hello everyone, so basically I am trying to design a Lightsaber Hilt since I've always wanted to have one, but they are too expensive, so my father said he can make a hilt at his workplace but I'll have to give him the Design.
So anyway, I started by creating the basic shape of the hilt with a Sketch and making it rotate about the axis. So far so good, now I wanted to add details on different parts on the surface of the hilt, but when I'm trying to create a sketch the program only lets me select certain parts and faces of the hilt, and not those which I want to choose. Does anyone know the solution for my problem?
I've attached the file of my project but I dont know i you'll be able to open it, I'm new to this whole CAD programming, I only have experience in Revit.


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    John_vd_WerffJohn_vd_Werff Member Posts: 65 PRO
    edited May 2023
    The link to your model doesn't show in your message.
    But I suppose you want to add details to a curved surface. Sketches can only be drawn on flat surfaces or planes. You need to create flat surfaces or add new construction planes in your model to create the sketches at the desired locations.
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    luka_vogelluka_vogel Member Posts: 4
    Hey, thanks for the answer, I got my problem solved thank you very much.
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