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Rest API - Fix parts in assemblies?

Alex_KempenAlex_Kempen Member Posts: 244 EDU
I'm trying to see if there's a way to fix occurrences in assemblies using the REST api. Whether a given occurrence is fixed can be seen using the GET assemblies endpoint, but I've yet to find an endpoint which allows me to actually manipulate this property.

I've also been struggling to use the assemblies occurencetransforms endpoint. In particular, the schema for an occurrence is:
    {<br>      "btType": "string",<br>      "fullPathAsString": "string",<br>      "headInstanceId": "string",<br>      "occurrenceWithoutHead": "string",<br>      "occurrenceWithoutTail": "string",<br>      "parent": "string",<br>      "path": [<br>        "string"<br>      ],<br>      "rootOccurrence": true,<br>      "tailInstanceId": "string"<br>    }
I've tried passing a valid path, and Onshape accepts the request, but nothing happens in the assembly. It seems like some set of the other options are necessary, but I'm struggling to see what values would apply to the other parameters.

Any insight is appreciated.
CS Student at UT Dallas
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