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configre drawings in view only mode

stvnvl_8501stvnvl_8501 Member Posts: 66 PRO

I'm missing the option to configure a drawing in view only mode. 
Why: I have a commercial colleagues, who want to confirm an order to a customer by adding a drawing of their specific configuration. (with custom bom list etc.) 
I have set this up in onshape so my colleagues can choose the option they wants and the product assembly drawing, part lists etc update accordingly. 
however this does not seem to work...?  it does on the assembly-tab , not on the drawing?.  

preferably I would like to ONLY share the drawing (not the entire document) with him, and colleauge ONLY  has the option to change configurations (all of which are within bounds of feasible/ allowed)  and print or export pdf.
having full detail production drawings available to commercial people, eager to please their customers,  is allways a big risk... ;-)

How should I go about this? 


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