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Keyboard Shortcuts and DVORAK keyboards and the onshap QWERTY ovveride engine

julian_julian372julian_julian372 Member Posts: 9
with the recent update https://forum.onshape.com/discussion/21449/improvements-to-onshape-july-21st-2023
Since the 21st update the onshape engine seems to run in its own QWERTY layout.

If you use a computer with system DVORAK keyboard layout then the onshape web interface works correctly with your systems keyboard layout,  Example renaming objects works correctly.
However when you want to use keyboard shortcuts inside sketches- Onshape seems to divert to the onshape engine keyboard layout of its custom QWERTY layout.

You can now go and edit your keyboard shortcuts in your account settings. However this will override all your shortcuts on all systems that you log in on your account.
EXAMPLE: If you remap a shortcut key when in DVORAK layout draw line tool "L" maps to "P" in onshapes QWERTY engine 
If you use multiple computers with different keyboard layouts EG: DVORAK and QWERTY, everything breaks.

Everything worked correctly Prior to the onshape-july-21st-2023 on DVORAK and QWERTY layouts.

I understand i'm a small use case.

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