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Inconsistent Sketch Regions

NikNYCNikNYC Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
edited September 8 in Drawings
If I clean up a sketch by “use” command to recreate a fresh new sketch, containing each and every line desired in a grid, a few regions are always inactive?! So I can’t extrude those or use a Boolean Plus plug-in to join them since there’s light gray areas that are not active, not selectable. 



  • wayne_sauderwayne_sauder Member, csevp Posts: 418 PRO
    Your Sketch regions that are white are not fully enclosed. If you zoom in at the corners you will find at least one open. You can also use the divide and conquer method to find the problem corners.  
  • wayne_sauderwayne_sauder Member, csevp Posts: 418 PRO

  • NikNYCNikNYC Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
    edited September 8
    OMG: but I have to zoom in so far to ever discover these errors that snapping should already have put properly. It could take me hours to clean these things up, what gives it was just simple line end snapping and mirror command use. Why do I get a total mess just using OnShape normally? What’s going on? 
  • NikNYCNikNYC Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
    edited September 9
    I have now spent tens of hours trying to figure out why I can’t even edit these damn lines back into microscopic place. There’s tiny little gaps created every time I build a uniform triangular grid like these. It’s just snapping to right angles and snapping endpoints with lots of mirror commands. Then I cannot in any way get the angled line end points to even move! I remove most or all constraints adding them only for the central triangle. And I cannot get the other endpoints to even move. They are welded to my iPhone screen in a way. WHAT IS GOING ON?! Why do simple grid sketches lock up and can’t be endpoint edited to align? Coincident constraint stops working. The program simply seems broken. Is there not really a user base operating successfully at this seemingly simple level? Restarting OnShape doesn’t help. I can move entire lines but cannot any more move endpoints to snap them to the central triangle.


    I am deeply and depressingly confused with how OnShape iOS just seems like a useless POS crawling with bugs. All I notice are a few lurkers pointing out microscopic errors, fine, but why are they appearing in everyday use, how do I fix them, and why won’t anybody speak up to answer the question of why won’t a few triangles simply come out accurately without bizarre microscopic gaps that ruin the program from being used? I’m not eyeing anything, but strictly relying on horizontal locking and proper snapping, early on, until the program bogs down to a frozen state, geometrically.

    Here is the current locked up state of things:
  • NikNYCNikNYC Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
    edited September 9
    I just figured out that I have a boatload of constraints I was blind to at the endpoint level. The lines have constraints removed, manually, but there’s still dozens of them at endpoints. I can see these frozen lines in black yet I only froze three of them myself.

    The black lines are what are locking up my drawing. They appeared black on their own I never wanted to lock but the central triangle.

     Since so many points are nearly coincident it’s not possible to select what I want among coincident endpoints. Nor can I see what’s wrong since it’s microscopic in gaps.
  • NikNYCNikNYC Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
    edited September 9
    Also, this damn view lock won’t stay on when I set it to lock. It lets go and is no longer yellow about every five minutes throughout OnShape use. I spend half of my “oops” reserve on this bug alone! I’ve had to keep re-obtaining Top view that I again and again “lock” dozens of times per hour or two use.

  • NikNYCNikNYC Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
    edited September 9
    Also, if I copy and paste to duplicate a portion of all blue (unconstrained) triangles, the little snippet of geometry cannot be rotated! The number reads out as I use the gizmo but results in no change.

    Niether tapping or double tapping that gizmo number results in any change just a command cancellation. If it won’t accept a number like 90° or 180° then I can’t build a grid. Trying to enter a number just cancels the command.

    The little snippet of a mere two triangles is all blue, no constraints. And it ghost edits a preview for you. Then the attempted operation disappears back to same.

    The little snippet will rotate successfully but won’t accept numerical input like is right on the screen.

    OnShape iOS simply doesn’t work.
  • glen_dewsburyglen_dewsbury Member Posts: 453 ✭✭✭
    edited September 9
    Try the learning center for basic sketching to see how to get constraints like coincident as you go so there won't be micro openings. I had no trouble with the transform and rotate in your sketches as you describe. It will take less time overall by going through the course material.
  • NikNYCNikNYC Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
    You’re simply not following along at all if you think the accuracy and snapping issues I’m dealing with are entry level stuff. I’ve used OnShape for years. It’s broken when it comes to successful alignment and snapping.
  • steve_shubinsteve_shubin Member Posts: 1,054 ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 10

    NikNYC said:
    It’s broken when it comes to successful alignment and snapping.


    Onshape Mobile is working fine on my iPhone 8+
    No problem at all

  • steve_shubinsteve_shubin Member Posts: 1,054 ✭✭✭✭

  • nick_papageorge073nick_papageorge073 Member, csevp Posts: 543 PRO
    As others said, none (that I checked) of your sketches are constrained. Sketch #2 you can go inside and drag all the endpoints around. Even sketch #8, which is the simplest on your model, you can do the same. I don't understand why you are so upset? If the endpoints are not coincident constrained, you will be guaranteed to have problems.
  • nick_papageorge073nick_papageorge073 Member, csevp Posts: 543 PRO
    See if this will help:


    I drew a construction CL first. Fixed it in place (including its end points). Then drew all the lines to the left of the CL. Starting with the horizontal lines. Then drew all the angled lines. All end points are coincident (automatically). Then mirrored everything to the left of the construction line with a left direction rectangle window select.

  • glen_dewsburyglen_dewsbury Member Posts: 453 ✭✭✭
    I don't try to make things on my phone. Thumbs are too fat. A tablet might be nice. Phone used to show customer outlines only.
    Out of curiosity I went through this exercise this afternoon to get some incite into the geometry. Look at the assembly with variable studio shown. The size of the triangle and the panel leg can be changed within limits. If you go too far the whole thing explodes. The lengths of lines in sketch are a ratio relative to each other. Lots of relationships in the sketch to make this work but only 2 dimensions to change the size.  All the joint edges are not mated, since it will over constrain.
    I recall this problem being discussed some time ago but I don't remember a solution given. Thought I'd give a try.
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