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mid-plane mate

andre_brown101andre_brown101 Member Posts: 6
I have 2 parts in a subassembly.  they are symmetrically arranged and offset from the origin (forming a center plane) - I have placed a mate connector at its origin.  the parts are cylindrical in general form.
the 2 part subassembly is inserted into a top level assembly, and the cylindrical form of one part is mated to a housing part in the top level assembly via a cylindrical mate between the faces of the parts.  this works fine.
I need to mate the center plane (the mid point between the two cylindrical parts) to the origin mate connector in the top level assembly to position the subassmbly left-right.  however when I do a planar mate it constrains the wrong pair of axis (xy instead of xz) and then proceeds to break the cylindrical mate.
I am going crazy.  why can't I just mate planes in an assembly environment?  or at very least why can't I chose which pair of axis to use for the planar mate using mate connectors?


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