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How to extrude sketch entity instead of whole sketch in FeatureScript?

marek_robakmarek_robak Member Posts: 2
Hi, I am new to FeatureScript and wonder how to extrude only the sketch entity instead of the whole sketch.

        var worldCoordSys is CoordSystem = coordSystem(vector(0, 0, 0) * meter, vector(1, 0, 0), vector(0, 0, 1));
        var bucketSketch = newSketchOnPlane(context, id + "sketch1", {
                "sketchPlane" : plane(worldCoordSys)
        skRectangle(bucketSketch, "rectangle1", {
                    "firstCorner" : vector(0, 0) * meter,
                    "secondCorner" : vector(definition.bucket_size, definition.bucket_size)
        skRectangle(bucketSketch, "rectangle2", {
                    "firstCorner" : vector(definition.wall_thickness, definition.wall_thickness),
                    "secondCorner" : vector(definition.bucket_size - definition.wall_thickness, definition.bucket_size - definition.wall_thickness)

For example, here I would like to extrude "rectangle1" with some height eg. 2 inches, and "rectangle2" with eg. 10 inches.
I thought I could create two newSketchOnPlane() and extrude them easily but it seems inappropriate way to archive this.
I would love to know what is in this case good and bad practice.

Also, can I archive the extrude of only the shape that comes from the intersection of some sketch entities?


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    Jacob_CorderJacob_Corder Member Posts: 129 PRO
    edited September 2023
    //insert this code after your skSolve(bucketSketch)
    //if you want to extrude surfaces, then use this
        var largestRegion =  sketchEntityQuery(id + "sketch1", EntityType.EDGE, "rectangle1");
        var smallest =  sketchEntityQuery(id + "sketch1", EntityType.EDGE, "rectangle2");
    //if solid bodies then use this
        var regions =  qSketchRegion(id + "sketch1", false) ;
        var largestRegion = makeRobustQuery(context, qLargest(regions));//this will stop evaluating the areas of the regions in queries after.
        var smallest = qSubtraction(regions, largestRegion);
    //now you can extrude them
    opExtrude(context, id+"extrudeLargest", {
            "entities" : largestRegion,
            "direction" : evOwnerSketchPlane(context, {"entity" : largestRegion}).normal,
            "endBound" : BoundingType.BLIND,
            "endDepth" : 2 * inch
    opExtrude(context, id+"extrudeSmallest", {
            "entities" : smallest,
            "direction" : evOwnerSketchPlane(context, {"entity" : smallest}).normal,
            "endBound" : BoundingType.BLIND,
            "endDepth" : 10 * inch

    Give that a try. 
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