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Unable to fillet sections on an arc

I'm trying to fillet the selected arc here and all the way around on the other side (which is the same thing) but I'm getting failed to fillet sections and that purple outline of the fillet I'm looking for. I get this a lot and never really know what to do about it, but I think it's possible just because Onshape accepted a fillet on the edge of that counterbored hole right to the left of it which is geometrically similar. Any advice?


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    David_YL_NguyenDavid_YL_Nguyen Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 98
    Hey @ian_wong373,

    I think in most cases the issue is probably self-intersecting geometry as a result of your fillet operation. 
    You can try to reduce the fillet size or fillet the other edge first. 

    If you share your document, people can have closer look to help you out. Cheers

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