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Add Featurescript API Not Working as Expected?


I'm trying to add a custom feature into a partstudio. There is documentation for doing this in the onshape documentation (link here), but the server always returns with some sort of error.

If you try to run the example that they include in the glassworks viewer, you'll see:
  "message": "Feature has invalid type",
  "moreInfoUrl": "",
  "status": 400,
  "code": 9999

I get the same issue when I try to do any other feature add. It looks like the request schema changed, and I'm not sure if there is updated documentation to go along with it. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to run this example and/or if there is any documentation/other example that works.


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    caden_armstrong2caden_armstrong2 Member, User Group Leader Posts: 127 ✭✭✭
    The add feature endpoint definitely works and hasn't changed ( I use it all the time).

    Can you post a sample of your request body? Its likely the issue with your feature object.

    If you want a sample of what the feature object should look like, what you can do is manually add the feature to a part studio, and then use the /get features endpoint to see what it should look like. The feature object in the /get is the same as what you push into Onshape. 
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    vincent_lai433vincent_lai433 Member Posts: 2
    edited November 2023

    Since you haven't provided detailed error information or more context, it can be inferred that the issue may be due to invalid parameters or incorrect API calls for specific functions. You may need to further examine your code and refer to Onshape's updated documentation or seek help to resolve the problem.

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