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Revision Table and Drawing Issue

Nath_McCNath_McC Member Posts: 119 PRO
Hi All,

I am getting some weird stuff after this last update, but hopefully, it's just me having one of those days.

It may be a bug, but I may be missing something.
First, I have added an extra column to the revision table template in Settings>Release Management. 
I am updating my drawing templates and when I delete the revision table from my current drawing (my master template document) and re-add, the format does not include the new column. However, it loads the updated version if I create a new drawing from the default onshape sheet and then add a revision table.

I have two questions:
1. Am I missing something, or does it link to something similar to BOM linking to configurations?
2. Is anybody else having any random weird things changing?

As well as the above, my drawing templates stopped showing up when creating a new drawing from the latest drawing box, and my custom materials stopped showing up in a parts stud. I had to create versions on master documents for them to show again. 


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    nick_papageorge073nick_papageorge073 Member, csevp Posts: 742 PRO
    I had the same thing a year ago. I had added an ECN column to the rev block, and had some issues with it showing up sometimes. I forgot the answer, sorry! I do recall I figured it out.
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    S1monS1mon Member Posts: 2,549 PRO
    I'm also running into this issue. I just want to adjust the column widths for the rev block and have that be the same across all drawings. I've tried setting this in the template and even moving the rev block to the title block layer, but that doesn't work. 
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