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New FeatureScript "Get Pose"

javl0p_2javl0p_2 Member Posts: 56 PRO

I recently made public a FeatureScript that solves I problem I had encountered multiple times. That is: to be able to get the relative pose (that is, translation and orientation) between two MateConnectors. 

It is a problem relatively common in robotics and until know I had to compute it through approximate calculations. Now, the FeatureScripts [CS] Get Pose allows to select two MateConnectors and output the pose of MateConnector 2 relative to MateConnector 1.

Here is the public link: 


The pose is given as a rotation matrixtranslation vector, and can be checked in the FeatureScript notice window.

It is a very simple FeatureScript, so feel free to use it and propose ways to improve it.



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