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Extrusion Editing

I'm new to onshape and have little experience in CAD in general. I've been going through tutorials and am getting pretty good at sketching prior to extruding. I have had successes extruding basic geometries. When the geometry is not straight forward, I hit a wall. I've been struggling with a part all day so I decided to follow this video and make the same part as it, in hopes it would click.

I seem to have different behavior though than the environment on the video. Everything is fine up to 1:38 when he select the yellow intersecting point. Mine allows me to select it, but it disappears as soon as I hit the line tool. Is there a different setting I don't have?

Also, if interested, I've attached the fixture block I've been practicing with. I can extrude everything except the angled portion. I can't figure that one out.

Thank you for taking the time,

Best Answers


  • mike_pearsonmike_pearson Member Posts: 5
    Thank you both. I got both completed.
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