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Ovyl is hiring a Senior Mechanical Engineer

Evan_ReeseEvan_Reese Member Posts: 2,072 PRO
edited November 2023 in General
I'm adding this here since we're an Onshape-based agency. Someone let me know if this kind of thing isn't allowed.

Compensation overview: $100,000 ‒ $115,000 Annually + quarterly bonuses + 401k + Health Insurance + more perks

Apply here

Role Description

About Us

Ovyl is a product development firm working on an exciting range of consumer electronics, lifestyle products, and medical devices. We're currently expanding our team in Nashville, Tennessee and are looking for a Senior Mechanical Engineer.

About You

As a Senior Mechanical Engineer, you’re not just an accomplished professional who can engineer great products—you’ve reached the point of your career where you’ve been instrumental on teams solving a wide range of complex and challenging problems that are bigger than just Engineering. You feel that the line between Engineering and other disciplines is a blurry one, and you see yourself and your teammates all as “Product Developers” first; you just happen to be one owning the mechanical design. You understand the roles of strategists, industrial designers, firmware and hardware developers, and others well enough to preempt their needs and know when to involve the right people. You also see beyond the product’s needs to the big-picture needs of the client’s business model, go-to-market strategy, risk tolerance, and budget. You are a creative engineer who produces ideas that become fundamental to the product, but you also validate those ideas through prototyping, FEA, and CFD skills. You thrive on seeing projects all the way through to the finish, even as other roles taper off, which means you create impeccable CAD, great documentation, and are tenacious about crossing all Ts and dotting all Is. You pride yourself on thinking and communicating with structured, concise clarity. To you, making things and solving problems with other people is the most fun you could have at work, and that’s why you are reading this now.

In this role, you will

  • Own the mechanical design of complex products from initial brainstorm through detailed, factory-ready CAD, ensuring that our solutions go beyond function to solve nuanced user needs and our customer’s needs.
  • Collaborate with the Project Manager to distill project goals down to clear, actionable steps that move the work forward in a logical and efficient manner and develop realistic estimates of their effort.
  • Drive design integration with other disciplines like Strategy, Industrial Design, Electronics, Firmware, and Software, knowing when you need to bring other expertise into your process.
  • Think holistically about your projects, drawing design inspiration from things like the client’s sales strategy, how this project integrates into a future product line, sourcing and pricing constraints, emerging technology, social impact, and Ovyl’s core strengths and weaknesses.
  • Guide clients through the design process, educating them about our process in a way that makes them feel heard and in-good-hands.
  • See your projects though from start to finish—at Ovyl we don’t ever “toss designs over the wall” for another team to complete. Instead, we’re always collaborative, and feedback goes both directions.
  • Provide excellent documentation for designs from calculations and FEA results, to finished specifications for manufacturing.
  • Help Ovyl evolve ever-better ways of working.


  • 6+ years of professional design experience
  • A degree in Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering or similar.
  • High level of comfort using Onshape or similar CAD tools, allowing you to create robust, navigable, lightweight models quickly.
  • Strong FEA, and CFD skills.
  • Strong DFM skills, especially for injection molding, but also sheet metal, CNC, and other processes.
  • Must live in Nashville, TN area or be willing to relocate. You must be able to work on-site when needed*,* but once you’re settled in you can be flexible with when and where you work provided you can attend important meetings in-person, or prototype things with others when needed.
  • Must be allowed to work in the USA. We cannot support visas at this time.

Compensation, Benefits, & Perks

All full time employees at Ovyl get the following benefits:

  1. Health Insurance: Ovyl covers 100% of your health insurance premium. You pay the difference for a spouse and/or dependents.
  2. Dental, Vision, HSA: Ovyl offers these plans but does not contribute to their premiums.
  3. 401k + 3%: Ovyl contributes 3% no matter what (it’s guaranteed, not a match). By default you contribute an additional 6% which you can change.
  4. Quarterly bonuses: Our success is your success. Every quarter, we set aside a portion of Ovyl’s bottom line to distribute to every team-member proportionally to their salary.
  5. Flexible schedules & WFH: While the expectation is a full-time commitment (40h/wk), and there will be some required time in the studio, you’ll get to enjoy a lot of flexibility on when and where you work. Want to work from home 2 days a week? Do it. Is it too perfect to be inside on a Tuesday? Work Saturday instead.
  6. Unlimited paid time off: We’re not counting vacation days and sick days, we’re just looking at your work. We strongly encourage a minimum of two weeks vacation plus sick and personal days but if you’re meeting deadlines, keeping projects on track, and making clients happy, we’re flexible on everything else.
  7. Company events: We take an afternoon off work a few times a year to have fun, hang out, and get to know each other.
  8. Maker Stipend: We want to employ people who freaking love to make stuff, so we’ll reimburse up to $600/year of any personal project spending. Put it toward building a new headboard for your bed, or buying a really nice hot-glue gun, or getting an Arduino kit and figuring out how to automate your herb garden.
  9. Learning Stipend: We also want to employ people who love learning, so we also reimburse up to $200/year for any educational resources. You can put it towards audiobooks, online courses, workshops, or events, to name a few.
  10. Access to 3D printers for personal use: If the printers aren’t needed for a project, have at ‘em. If it’s something small, it's probably ok to just print it. If it’s something big or a mini production run, we may ask that you bring your own material.
  11. Stocked fridge and snacks: We’ll stay stocked up on healthy snacks, carbonated water, coffee, tea, and beer.
  12. Join Nashville’s best product dev consultancy: You’ll get to learn new skills working alongside a great team on a wide variety of products, from medical devices that save lives to consumer products that light up a Kickstarter campaign.‍

To be considered for a position, applicants should include a cover letter and resume with their application at the link below. A portfolio or work samples are a huge advantage to you as well.

Evan Reese / Principal and Industrial Designer with Ovyl
Website: ovyl.io
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