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Simulation internal error even with the simplest model (Material definition broken)

martin_kopplowmartin_kopplow Member Posts: 393 PRO
edited November 2023 in Simulation

I was modeling a bicycle handle bar and wanted to analyse the forces. After setup, I got the above error. After trying to figure out what went wrong for a while (the message is not very talkative regarding this), I made a new model with only 3 raw block-like parts (picture above) and tried again: Same result.

After a few experiments I suspected the material "Carbon Fiber Epoxy 61%" had an error, for it worked well whenever this material was not used in the entire model, and that this error is the "(61%)" in the name. I assigned it for a weight estimate before, without going any deeper. But then it turns out the material definition itself is broken:

All zeroes in there. I'm pretty sure it had been working earlier. What is going on?


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    GregBGregB Member Posts: 4 PRO
    Onshape simulation supports linear isotropic materials, and as such the example properties we provide in the material library are limited to those with such (linear isotropic) properties. You'll see that for certain materials (including the categories of wood, composite, rubber, as well as certain non-structural metals like mercury etc) in the library we have zeroed them out, as in your example.

    If you have your own properties that you are comfortable to use, then the facility is provided to create a custom material, or indeed your own library.
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    martin_kopplowmartin_kopplow Member Posts: 393 PRO
    Okay, the reason is clear. I was still surprised by this. When I assigned it earlier, my intention was only to estimate the mass. It was strange that this triggered a "Contact support" error, anyway.
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