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Can't see "Assembly Context" on after creating new part studio in context

justus_cookjustus_cook Member Posts: 5 EDU
I have tried to search a lot before posting so please forgive this questions if its been asked.  I was able to make a part studio in context, and have the "Assembly context" list and the ability for hind parts from the context.

Sometimes I need to hide some of the ghosted parts from the assembly to better place new parts.  However as I make I attempt to make new part studios in context I am not getting the "Assembly context" menu.  I might just have a incorrect idea for how this works, but I have been able to use the same context over and over in other designs.  The only other thing I have found (haven't tried) was maybe to make a section view where I need to see to work.  Any ideas are appreciated and I can try to give more info if needed.  Thanks!

For reference to the hiding parts issue:
I want to add a gear near this spur gear but can't hide the red part, and the gears part studio doesn't have a reference so I can gauge the part size to the assembly.


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    eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 1,568 PRO
    The only thing I can think off is that the context isn't actually "created" until you create at least one reference to the context geometry, which can be a bit confusing...
    But once the context is actually created you should be able to use the menu to show/hide things. Note that if you hide the part in the assembly when creating the context it should already be hidden so that is a shortcut.
    Another tip that can come handy (used it a lot before the "menu" was implemented) is that you can use a section view to cut through the context parts so that would be another option.
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