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Chamfer along a Spline

james_slatejames_slate Member Posts: 4
i'm having trouble getting a chamfer to run across a spline edge of an extrusion, it seems to work when i turn the distance down to 0.5 mm but i need it to be 1mm like the other side, i have no idea what the problem is here, i've tried moving the spline points around a bit because i briefly had some issues on the other side as well but nothing seems to fix the issue


  • S1monS1mon Member Posts: 2,234 PRO
    Your splines have very lumpy curvature which is making it difficult to run a chamfer along those edges. You can sketch those curves with way way fewer points, and probably much cleaner if you use Bézier curves instead of through-point splines.

  • james_slatejames_slate Member Posts: 4
    yeah fair enough, i kinda figured that was the problem. i'll try to redraw them with a bezier or arcs or something
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