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I am trying to create ISOGRID pattern on my lofted part, Cant shell a lofted feature

There is this payload bay for an aircraft that i will be carrying water. My plan is to 3D print it using LW PLA and print it in vase mode. This means i can't use infill and therefore required to texturize outer contour of the bay in notches to make it more rigid. I have tried cutting the model and then merging it with a negative of shell but i can't seem to make shell feature work for my part. If there is any other way to do it I am happy to hear it, I have been stumped at this problem for weeks. Here is link to my part https://cad.onshape.com/documents/3fdb2318abc67b69547adb36/w/a2a43fca08402517a338b98a/e/2fe417bf54f5a494fae93793?renderMode=0&uiState=656bee7d7140c5740bbd6c0e . As an example there is a great video by tom stanton about this in this video at 9:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HitJ8r9HwBg&t=553s

My current solution is to use a simpler part: just a cylinder but its highly un-aerodynamical and it would be the best if the part would be aerodynamic.


  • martin_kopplowmartin_kopplow Member Posts: 222 ✭✭✭
    I am afraid your shape is so badly warped, it is no wonder it won't shell or thicken, because there will be self-intersections all over the place. I guess that you should reconsider the way you modeled the shape, use much less control points, avoid closed splines, and also use cross sections as profiles for the surface modelling. Also, while talking aerodynamics of the part: You might also want to revisit the choice of the airfoil. Trust me, I'm a pilot. ;0)
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