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How do you group the lines (nodes) in a imported .DFX file?

christopher_moonchristopher_moon Member Posts: 2
Please note, I am a very new user.

I have Googled and Youtubed to no resolve. I am likely asking the questions wrong. I have more experience with 2D drawing primarily for patterns used when laser cutting.

I am importing a simple 2D drawing into Onshape. The issue I am running into is that all the lines are not connected together at the end nodes. I thought I could just import the files and use them to modify some existing tooling I have already drawn up to keep from repeatedly drawing fixed dimensions like mounting points and over all allowable size. 

In my 2D software its a matter of select all and "group" and that will keep my imported ,dfx drawing from coming apart as I drag and drop them.
In my searching I saw it mention in the Tech section that if you dimension one item it will automatically dimension the entire imported file but I am not seeing that happen?

This is a  basic drawing but some are more complex and everything is laid out in place. I have a number of them to do and would prefer to not redraw them all in OnShape 



  • martin_kopplowmartin_kopplow Member Posts: 222 ✭✭✭
    In a sketch, and you seem to be in a sketch here, elements are usually kept from moving around by constraining them. I admit that this could mean quite some work for more complex DXF imports. You could select all or groups of elements and then click the "fix" tool in the toolbar. After that, they won't move no more.

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