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Is there anyway for a person to request membership to an OnShape team?

richard_topolewskirichard_topolewski Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
edited December 2015 in General
I wanted to invite members of the FIRST FRC robotics community to help develop a standard set of CAD parts commonly used on FRC robots but all the documentation I had said I had to invite them.  There didn't seem to be a way for them to request membership.  Did I miss something?  It seems that if OnShape is targeting to develop communities then there should be a way for people to request to join an onshape team.  Again maybe someone has to just tell me how.

More details can be found here:

Also I see a number of people in onshape from the FRC community, based on FRC being in the title of their documents, but I am not aware of a way to invite them to join an onshape team for those interested in FRC.  The only way I have seen documented requires that I have their email, which I don't have.



  • shanshanshanshan Member Posts: 147 ✭✭✭
    I think maybe you need to introduce your project in detail here first, if other users are interested in it , they will tell you their Onshape ID , and you can share your document to them , so they can access this document and work for it ! Forums is a very good place and we should make it more and more useful!
  • abefeldmanabefeldman Member Posts: 166 ✭✭✭
    @richard_topolewski - currently there isn't a way for another user to see that your team exists and then request access to it, but that's a really interesting idea.  I've added an improvement request for you.
    Abe Feldman
    UX/PD/Community Support
  • jon_hirschtickjon_hirschtick Onshape Employees Posts: 91
    +1 -- Interesting idea.
  • mowoodsiiimowoodsiii Member Posts: 3 EDU
    Background: I am responsible for teaching Onshape to engineering students as a "guest lecturer", meaning a professor invites me to take over their class for 2 hours to teach the basics of Onshape as a "workshop". This is usually started by a short period of getting everyone signed up for an Onshape EDU account. 

    Problem: Now, especially teaching remotely, monitoring and proctoring my students' progress as we walk through a group CADing activity is a daunting task, but may be easily remedied with the use of Teams (I can pop into each student's Part Studio and see their progress. However, as a guest lecturer with very limited teaching time, I don't have easy access to a list of students' email addresses, so inviting everyone to the team would be a challenge left up to the host instructor before class (not the most reliable or ideal option).

    Proposed Solution: Offer a "Join Team By Link" option which allows students to join a team by sending out (or simply displaying via PowerPoint, etc) a link. Or, even easier, something similar to the process used by streaming services nowadays: Generate a 6 character pin that exists for a limited time to have students easily join the team without needing to copy a long URL.

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