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More Detailed Entity Names in Selection Pane

jon_stearnsjon_stearns Member Posts: 10
I've been transitioning to OnShape from Solidworks. One of the things I miss about Solidworks is the entity selection pane. I appreciate that it gives a short form of the internal ID instead of the generic names we get in OnShape. I have found it easier to differentiate when the names are different, even if that difference is just a number appended to the end like: Edge52 of Part 7, Edge23 of Part 7. Instead of multiple instances of Edge of Part 7 like we get in OnShape currently.

Is there a possibility of changing the info pane to show the internal ID of the entities?

Additionally, I miss being able to select entities and scroll through by using the arrow keys and delete them with the "Delete" key. It's a nice alternative to clicking the small "x" in the pane.


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