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Upscaling templates

Gerard_BotermanGerard_Boterman Member Posts: 20
Why can't we upscale a template from e.g. A3 to A2?
I have got a fully defined A3 drawing template, complete with title block, rev. table, tolerances, notes, tables.
When I change the sheet properties (A3 to A2), the sheets updates but my template remains A3.
I cannot select the title block to move it into the corner, as all entities are not recognized as a collective. I cannot group. I cannot expert as DXF or DWG, will loose all text.
I can copy, but not paste into a position. Once pasted, I cannot move the (window selected) block. There are no title block export or grouping features to be found . . .
The move option only shows to move to internal drawing locations like 'title block', 'drawing', etc. 
Any suggestions? I feel this is a huge shortcoming of Onshape and hope it will be soon improved.
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