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Keeping track of and organizing custom features

martin_kopplowmartin_kopplow Member Posts: 277 ✭✭✭
Almost every time I read this forum I get aware of some nice custom feature I find useful. That is in fact a great thing! I don't use every custom feature every day, of course, but I like to keep the ones I already used or tried and found useful at hand. I might just collect more than I actually need, just because I fear I'll never find them again, should I actually need them one day.
So, my growing collection of custom features gets kind of confusing.
I noticed, that recently, the lot of them migrated from a pulldown menu into the toolbar, where I can now activate the customize toolbar mode to move them around and at least put all related to e.g. gears together in one place and all related to sketching in another and so on. That's quite some improvement, even if there are no custom separators.
There are a few thing I still miss, though:
  • Create folders that would maybe result in a dropdown. I could have a "Gears" folder with planetary gears feature and the spur gear feature living together in the pulldown.
  • Have links next to or behind the menu item to display the documentations, if available.
  • A place where I can find all the exsiting custom features in an overview, search them in a targeted manner and get a how-to and maybe a sample.
Also, I believe it might be worth considering the integration of the custom features into the factory toolbar. Why would't e.g. the threads lab custom feature live in a close relationship with the factory thread tool and be accessible via a pulldown? The custom features could still be made distinguishable from the factory ones graphically.
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