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Onshape Discovery Program - Upgrade now to evaluate Onshape for business

Darren_A_HenryDarren_A_Henry Onshape Employees Posts: 64
edited February 1 in General

Recently, we launched the Onshape Discovery Program - a way for qualified design professionals not yet familiar with Onshape to experience the capabilities of our Onshape Professional Plan for up to six months. Thousands of companies have already taken advantage of this offer. Onshape Discovery allows professionals and up to 4 colleagues to thoroughly evaluate Onshape’s powerful CAD and PDM functionality using private data.

We have now made it easier for professionals already using Onshape's Free Plan to upgrade to Onshape Discovery. Moving from Onshape’s Free Plan to the Onshape Discovery Program will empower you to create private data and control who can access your Onshape documents using secure sharing. Additionally, you can access more cloud-native capabilities, including rendering, release management, PCB Studio, simulation, and coming soon - CAM Studio!

If you are a CAD professional with Onshape’s Free Plan and wish to better evaluate Onshape for your business with the Onshape Discovery Program, follow these steps.

  1. In a desktop browser, log into Onshape.
  2. Click this link.
  3. A new landing page will appear. Click “Apply for Onshape Discovery Program” and follow the prompts within the chat dialog in the bottom right corner.
  4. If you qualify, your free account will automatically be upgraded to the Onshape Professional Plan with access for up to 6 months free.

Note that existing public documents will remain public, but you can change their settings and create new private documents.

Important Note: If you are a student or educator, the Onshape Discovery Program is NOT the right choice. Our comprehensive educational plans offer similar functionality with additional capabilities specific to schoolwork.

Join the thousands of CAD Pro’s on Onshape Discovery and invite your colleagues and CAD Pro friends to join you!

Best Regards,

Darren Henry
VP of General Operations
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