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Decals coming in backwards in Render Studi

dave_franchinodave_franchino Member Posts: 34
Hey folks, I'm trying to learn render studio and it's been a bit of a slog.  My latest issue surrounds applying "stickers"

A) It appears as if "decals" applied in a part studio do not translate into render studio and need to be re-applied. Is this correct?
B) Whenever I am applying a sticker it is coming in "flipped" or backwards.  I don't see a way to correct this?



C) My stickers are not centered the way I want them to be but entering numbers into "offset" don't appear to do anything 

Any hints?




  • Cary_BettenhausenCary_Bettenhausen Member Posts: 36 PRO
    edited February 2
    I'm seeing the same behavior when applying deals to surfaces. They are flipped with no way to reverse them. I filed a support ticket the day Decals were released.
  • Paul_ArdenPaul_Arden Member, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 152
    @dave_franchino You are correct, currently decals are not taken over from Part Studios into Render Studios. For the issue of the flipped sticker, one trick (which I admit is not so intuitive) is to use a negative tiling factor (below the Offset option you circled). So in your case you'd want to change the tiling from 1,1 to -1,1 to flip it horizontally (to flip vertically if needed you would use 1,-1).
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