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Recaptcha Error filling in Educator Plan form

I am a teacher and I tried to upgrade to the Education Plan after mine expired and there is no way for me to submit it because it keeps saying "The Recaptcha has expired, please solve again and resubmit."
There is no recaptcha anywhere that I can see in any browser I've tried and I've turned off all adblockers.

Is there another way I can upgrade or can you please fix the web page?


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    mrkungmrkung Member Posts: 2 EDU
    Ok so I got it working by doing it on my phone instead. It would not work on any computer and on any browser. Safari on my iPhone worked just fine. Still no idea about the Recaptcha because even on the iPhone I didn't see any recaptcha.
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    Mark_CheliMark_Cheli Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 13
    It seems like we had an issue for certain users on the signup form earlier today - we have now resolved it.  Thank you for pointing this out!  My guess is your second signup was just after we had fixed the issue.
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