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Shortcut to put cursor in "Search tabs" text box from tab manager

stuart_arguestuart_argue Member Posts: 2
I can open tab manager on MacOS in Chrome using option+t. However I haven't been able to find a quick way to get the cursor focus into the tab manager "Search tabs" textbox. Is there such a shortcut?

Additionally once I am filtering using Search Tabs and the one I want is selected. I hit "return/enter" to select it and that tab loads but the "Search tabs" textbox still has focus so I can't hide the tab manager with option+t. In fact I can't seem to use any shortcuts or any keys to get away from the textbox focus. Is there a way?

I also use the Quick Tab Switching using Ctrl+Space but I wish there was a way to just start typing if you can't see the tab visually that you are after amongst those displayed. 

I love onshape, I'm just trying to improve some of my productivity.
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