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BOM and Cut List in single table on drawing?

Richard_InvRichard_Inv Member Posts: 12 PRO
I have a product I've built using the Frames tool and then added some parts to that in an Assembly.
In a drawing, I'm currently bringing in the BOM as one table, and the Cut List as another table.

I'd like to have both amalgamated into a single table, so that there is only a single Item column (for annotating parts on the drawing)

Any way to do this?


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    Sam_SchlageckSam_Schlageck Member Posts: 18 PRO
    I've tried to make this work for our drawings. I kinda gave up on it. 

    The best strategy I've come up with is to apply the properties in the cut list to the individual parts in the part studio generated by the frame tool - then bring those parts into your assembly. 

    There are a few featurescripts out there you can try to apply the cut list properties to your parts. Currently, it's not a fast process and gets kinda messy.
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    Richard_InvRichard_Inv Member Posts: 12 PRO
    Ah, that's a shame. There is an 'override' check box in the BOM table in a drawing but...infuriatingly it only works on certain cells. This 
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