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How do I replicate a sketch that I've extruded to another part of the same documet?

hedley_phillipshedley_phillips Member Posts: 11

I've read loads of posts but am no wiser. I have a document in which I have created a sketch,extuded it and then made a hole through it (technical terms here) and I want to copy this to another part of my "shape".

The section in question is the reinforced corner with a hole through it. I would like to copy this over to the otehr corner.

Sorry for my simple words. It's all new to me.


many thanks.


  • Daniel_KaneDaniel_Kane Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 22
    In this case it seems like using either sketch mirror, or the mirror feature, will allow you to replicate this geometry. Check out Sketch 10 and Sketch 11 in this document
  • rick_randallrick_randall Member Posts: 90 ✭✭
    Remember there are two kinds of "mirror" - sketch mirror, and (feature/part) mirror.
    Both very handy and most likely will work for you in this case. But as a side note- you can copy a sketch and place it in a new part studio (or I believe a new sketch in the same doc.). I don't think I've ever tried to copy a sketch into the same sketch (but that might work-I don't know). Copying a sketch can get a little touchy about the selection process (ctrl+c doesn't always work)-but if you right click sketch in the feature tree, then choose copy from the flyout, this usually works- then paste into new sketch. Use "transform" to move sketch into proper position, and you're good to go. 
    Saves time having to redraw the same sketch over and over.
    Hope this helps - good luck, Stay with it.
  • hedley_phillipshedley_phillips Member Posts: 11
    Thank you everyone and sorry for the delay in replying. Other things got in the way of this.

    Appreciate your help.
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