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First project - deleting an item from Sketch 1 ruins entire render

Sorry, I know this is probably a total n00b problem, but I've built my first project, and then tried to delete an extruded circle from the very first Sketch, then it ruins the render of all other parts.
The error is "Missing face Sketch 1".
I actually wanted to just extrude a circle downwards by 1mm (i.e. downwards -3mm starting offset 2mm so that it protrudes 1mm at the bottom), and it's all supposed to be part of the same object. But it looks like it has made my circle a separate "part" and created a cascading dependency with everything else.
So it anything I try with Extrude 1 just breaks everything else. And deleting the circle on the Sketch 1 breaks everything too.
Yep, total newbie here to both CAD and Onshape. Thanks for your patience!


  • robert_scott_jr_robert_scott_jr_ Member Posts: 259 ✭✭✭
    Hello. In extrude 2, with the Add selection, you are asking to join two bodies together that do not touch each other. I made a copy of your document (link below) and added a .1mm inside offset to the circle. Then in extrude 2, I selected that offset and the remaining rectangular part of the sketch. The included offset gave the two bodies a wee bit of area to touch and allowed the extrude to succeed.

    The rest of the features that failed are due to attempting to add extrudes to a part that no longer existed. Updating the merge scope of those extrudes to part1 corrected that,

    - Scotty
  • brain_hobbiesbrain_hobbies Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for steering me to the answer Scotty! I hadn't heard of offsets yet, but I've just found in the online docs how you did it.

    Same with editing "merge scope". I can't figure that bit out either, but I'll just keep plugging away with tutes til it becomes part of my knowledge bank!

    So much to learn! But it's great how quickly you can start.
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