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Degree Elevation of Bezier

rehevkor5rehevkor5 Member Posts: 13
The existing sketch toolbar button for adding a "Spline control point" is poorly behaved in that it changes the shape of the curve in question.

A better approach is to use degree elevation, which increases the number of control points but produces the exact same curve. This is a useful way of gaining more control over a curve as you gradually refine it.

I implemented a "Bezier Degree Elevation" FeatureScript feature to perform the degree elevation operation. However, it was only after implementing it that I realized the resulting curve is not editable. Nor can it be copied in any way to another sketch in order to make it editable. So, the only option seems to be that FeatureScript could output the control points, and after that you'd have to manually "Use" each point into a new sketch, create a curve using those control points, then undo the "intersect" constraint on each control point in order to make adjustments to the new curve. Needless to say, it's a pretty inconvenient/time consuming approach.

I don't suppose I'm missing some other way to do this? Like is there a way I can make custom operations that are part of the Sketch toolbar?


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