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Drawings: part orientation

doug_hillsdoug_hills Member Posts: 26
hi guys. 
How can we change the basic orientation of a part in the drawing? so far, the parts appear as defined on the 3 planes.

I designed a planter box. The sides are sloped, but they are flat boards. When I open the part in a drawing, they come in at the angle thy were drawn at.
But since they are flat boards, I would like them to appear in the drawing normal to a surface. Rather than the drawn orientation. This will allow for better dimensioning.

second question: I don't know if it will have a related answer to the above.
I have a part with a slopped face. this face has a number of holes/features, that need to be dimensioned.
 In the drawing, this face appears at an angle when projected.  I would like to take that face, and orient it square to the page, which is how I would look at it while building it.

Thanks for your help.




  • eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 1,488 PRO
    Two main ways to do this: either create an aligned/projected view in the drawing, or if you just want a "head on" view of a part by itself you can create a named view in the part studio that is normal to your plank and use that in your drawing.
  • don_bdon_b Member Posts: 106 ✭✭
    edited February 23
    need to insert your named view instead of the standard views shown....I use "1" for a named view that I want to see. One can then take side top bottom from that inserted view. If you want normal to a side then "view normal"  to that side and create a "named view" .You get to "named view" by hitting the "cube" about 2 o-clock on your screen.
  • doug_hillsdoug_hills Member Posts: 26
    hi don_b, I've successfully created a "named view" in the part studio, but I can't figure out how to put it in a drawing. so it can be dimensioned properly. can you give me a reference to the training video?

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