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multisort an array/custom table with featurescript

rooiejorisrooiejoris OS Professional Posts: 16 PRO

As I start always: I am not a programmer, but I think I want something fairly simple:

I want a 'multisort' in an array or custom table.
At the moment I postprocess the tabel in an php script and use:
    array_multisort(array_column($arrRondjesGrid, 'y'), SORT_ASC, array_column($arrRondjesGrid, 'x'), SORT_DESC, $arrRondjesGrid);

But I think this should be possible within onshape as well. Current script:

FeatureScript 2260;
import(path : "onshape/std/common.fs", version : "2260.0");

annotation { "Table Type Name" : "Get Center Coordinates" }
export const partVolumes = defineTable(function(context is Context, definition is map) returns Table
        var columns = [tableColumnDefinition("name", "Part name"),
                       tableColumnDefinition("coord", "Coordinates"),
                       tableColumnDefinition("xcoord", "X"),
                       tableColumnDefinition("ycoord", "Y"),
                       tableColumnDefinition("xycoord", "XY")];
        var columns = [tableColumnDefinition("xycoord", "XY")];

        var rows = [];
        for (var part in evaluateQuery(context, qAllModifiableSolidBodies()))
            var partName = getProperty(context, { "entity" : part, "propertyType" : PropertyType.NAME } );
            //var volume = evVolume(context, { "entities" : part });
            var coord = box3dCenter(evBox3d(context, {
                    "topology" : part,
                    "tight" : true

            var xcoord = roundToPrecision(coord[0]/millimeter,3);
            var ycoord = roundToPrecision(coord[1]/millimeter,3);
            var xycoord = "" ~ xcoord ~ "," ~ ycoord;

            for (var key, value in coord)
                //println("Key: " ~ key ~ ", Value: " ~ value);
                var xcoord = key;
                var ycoord = value;
            rows = append(rows, tableRow({ "name" : partName, "coord" : xcoord,  "coord" : ycoord }));
            rows = append(rows, tableRow({"xycoord" : xycoord }));
            //rows = append(rows, tableRow({ "name" : partName, "coord" : coord, "xcoord" : xcoord, "ycoord" : ycoord, "xycoord" : xycoord }));
            //rows = append(rows, tableRow({ "name" : partName, "coord" : coord }));
            //rows = append(rows, tableRow({ "name" : partName, "coord" : coord["a"] }));

        //sort(coord,function(a, b) { return a - b; });

        return table("Part coordinates", columns, rows);

Maybe an extra for next loop is needed to append the rows and use the current for next loop to fill an array...?!
So then you get: 1- loop through bodies to fill array, 2- multisort that array first Y ascending then X descending, 3- loop through array to append the custom table.

thanks in advance...!

cheers / joris

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