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Difference in quality between exportings of the same file (using same quality preset)

santiago_postorivosantiago_postorivo Member Posts: 2
edited February 21 in Community Support

I have been using onshape for more than a year and I can tell it is a great tool. I have recently found something really weird when exporting parts.

Everytime I open a new document and download a part, that part will have a worse quality to the ones I download next to it. For example, if I want to download a part from a document, that part output file will weight 410KB in the first download and then 1093KB for the second and prior downloads. And after downloading any first part, all the other parts download with the best quality.

I am using Fine for downloading all my parts, no custom settings. I upload most of the parts I make to 3D Printing repositories because I like sharing them with the community so I want them to have the best quality possible. The difference is not huge, but the most affected surface are the curves. So this is a big deal.

I also tried waiting 5 minutes after the loading of the page (I am using chrome by the way) and it does not change. The part is going to be the same as the one you download for the first time you just open the document and all the parts after that will have a better quality.

I have uploaded the STLs of the parts so you can compare them and check the difference. This does not happen if I export the files as .step , it only happened to me with .stl exporting. You can also check the image below to see the difference in weight. The first file has 8308 faces vs 21292 faces of the second one.

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