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Onshape Features Breaking After Updating In Context

CapslckCapslck Member Posts: 2
One thing that is incredibily frustrating and confusing is updating context of a part, and multiple functions breaking across the timeline, even if those features weren't related to the context or referencing any part. The same fillet I had on 6mm was working before the update, but immediately after updating, the same part would not let me fillet it at 6mm. Why does this happen?


  • eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 1,488 PRO
    It's hard to tell what might be going on without seeing an example of what you mean...
    If the features really aren't related to context and still break, it could be a bug of some sort and you should submit a support ticket.
    I have been dealing with a situation where references are breaking "for no reason" for the last few weeks but it seems to be specific to certain sheet metal parts only.
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