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Helix sheet metal

santossgsantossg Member Posts: 2
I have this part. How can I have a sheet metal from this? Some one can help me please?


  • robert_johnstonrobert_johnston Member Posts: 27 PRO
    I'm just bumping this thread,

    Interested in the onshape sheetmetal experts if you have a way to do this or future capability? This is a little alongside the sheet metal loft capabilities we need.

    I use bricscad to get these flat outside of onshape. The more bends you do the smoother the helix is.

    Regards fabricating them, with a press bends have to be straight, otherwise spcial tool/dies can pull twist these. There is likely a more expert screw fabricator on here than me!

    The new bend fature in onshape actually allows us to import flat dxf, thicken and bend on the line now.

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