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Learning Pathways Certificates Not Showing Up After Completion

I have completed 17 courses in the learning pathways, but only 7 certificates are showing up on my dashboard. I went back to ensure that I completed the surveys on all of them, and I even went back through one of the quicker self-paced courses that I had previously completed to see if redoing it would make it show up (it didn't). One thing to note is that I can receive certificates for any of the courses that I complete for the first time now, but I can't receive certificates for the courses that I had completed in the past (<1 year ago). Is there a reason for this? Can someone from Onshape push the certificates to my dashboard from their end?


  • Matt_ShieldsMatt_Shields Member Posts: 209 PRO
    edited April 1
    This happened to me on a couple of courses.  For me, it was because I had missed a section or sub section.  You need to view each page, get little green circles for each exercise, take each self-check, and take each survey.  Progress needs to say 100%.

  • aidan_cunningham762aidan_cunningham762 Member Posts: 4 EDU
    I had hoped that this was why mine weren't showing up, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. For example, here is the course that I went back and recompleted as a test. I did every section, every exercise, every self-check, and every survey, but to no avail. After the survey, it says that I have been awarded the certificate too, but it is not in my Learner Dashboard. These are some photos of everything, maybe I am missing something, but I doubt it because I spent most of the day pulling my hair out over this! 
  • David_BazinetDavid_Bazinet Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 4
    @aidan_cunningham762 Apologies on that, not sure what happened with our automation. I've just issued your certs. If any others are missing, feel free to reach out directly.
  • aidan_cunningham762aidan_cunningham762 Member Posts: 4 EDU
    @David_Bazinet I think you got them all. Thank you very much for the help!
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