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Sweep 1 Rail

Jonathan_HutchinsonJonathan_Hutchinson Member Posts: 64 PRO
I think I'd say my biggest issue/bone of contention with OnShape is the Sweep tool, and how sometimes I have to think about 'Lofts' where I'd traditionally think of needing sweeps. My background is with Rhino, so accept my apologies for expecting something to behave like something else.

See below - there are 3 straight cross-sections  and two segments for a rail. There are so many cases when I might only need even one of these rails, for example creating a swept surface along a rail using two existing surface edges. The issue with loft in these situations (using the long edge as a guide) is that you won't get the nice interpolated second rail that I would expect. For a guide, check out Rhino's (by most accounts) 'vintage' Sweep1 tool, and just picking a rail and two sections. OnShape's behaviour which creates multiple Sweeps for each section I pick to sweep along absolutely baffles me (although I appreciate what it thinks I'm asking for).

@GregBrown - is this maybe your ballpark?


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    S1monS1mon Member Posts: 2,365 PRO
    Can you share a public document?
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    GregBrownGregBrown Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 104
    Will be happy to take a look...
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    Jonathan_HutchinsonJonathan_Hutchinson Member Posts: 64 PRO
    Hey @S1mon, yeah I'll draw up an isolated example! Thanks both. In the end I had to give up on trying this particular workflow, but the ruled surface (which contains some Sweep 1 rail-ish aspects) helped me over the line for now.
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