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Adding standards to Standard content library

ludokyeholudokyeho Member Posts: 2

Hey I've been using Standard Content which works amazingly well but there are a lot of standards missing. For instance right now I need to use metric acorn nuts (DIN1587) but it's not available. Is there a way to add it?


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    Steven_TessSteven_Tess Member Posts: 4
    It is very easy to find an only CAD Model of that specific nut! Download the model and import it in Onshape, and then you can use it in your model.
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    rick_randallrick_randall Member Posts: 117 ✭✭
    If you have a one-off use kind of situation - do as Steven_Tess said to do. 
    If you will need that part multiple times in the future, I suggest you create your own custom library (simply a document you make) and populate it with any items you need. Name it logically so you can find it again and put all your custom stuff in there. I find I use my custom libraries more than standard content because of issues you have described above. 
    I do wish they would add a custom content tab to the standard content (or a separate tool button for custom content that worked like the insert command).
    Good luck.
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    ivan_boudjemaivan_boudjema Member Posts: 3

    I have had the same issue, the Standard Content Library is not very dense and I would like to populate it with many more refs: rivets, bolts, screw. I usually import my parts one by one but I can’t apply the Standard Content functions like mating to a whole surface. 

    Let’s say I have to add a bolt to a sheet with 20+ holes, the standard content insert function allows me to insert those 20 bolts in one click. If it’s not standard content I have to place a mate connector on each hole and place the bolt one by one. 

    Or am I ignoring a function in OnShape that allows to do this ?

    Thanks !

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    ben_partouchben_partouch Member Posts: 113 PRO
    @ivan_boudjema Use the Replicate tool
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    rick_randallrick_randall Member Posts: 117 ✭✭
    Hello Ivan,  Ben is right about "Replicate" - just insert one part, then replicate all the others using that part (if they are the same configuration).
     My custom libraries contain aircraft related items (AM/MS hardware and AN hydraulic fittings) and I created my own content, because I just couldn't find it anywhere else. It took a while, but now I have it all, and use it quite a lot. My suggestion is to create your own custom library and populate with your own content - maybe someday Onshape will make a custom content command that works like the custom frame profile library, and we can put our content there. Fingers crossed.
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    ivan_boudjemaivan_boudjema Member Posts: 3
    Thank you guys!
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