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Adjust the edge to other part

tom_bsctom_bsc Member Posts: 4
Hi all. I'm a newbie and try to create a spare part to my daughter's scooter - because it's broken :) hence I'm trying to design and print it. I have a couple of issues and hope to find some help here:
1. I'm struggling with some part edge adjustments and. I would like to trim/adjust one of the edges, from the "grey rectangle" so it will match to the selected round curve. I've played with some options, but none of them did the job. e.g. I would like to remove this area marked with red, so the curved edge would go through that rectangle.:

2. One of my sketches "przekroj" is marked as red with some information: "sketch did not regenerate properly, Sketch could not be solved" - am I doing something wrong here? 

If it helps then my project is here: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/89a358fa3aa3e7e06200768a/w/1a7613c5b322c4b5c599a949/e/c265e77f0b7fcc9b5d6ccb7a
Any help on how to do that is appreciated. Thanks in advance

Best Answers

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    Matt_ShieldsMatt_Shields Member Posts: 235 PRO
    Answer ✓
    Your sketch is red because two of the sketch elements were fixed, causing a conflict.  I would delete those constraints.

    A simple way to trim the gray rectangle would be to open a sketch on one side and use the Use tool to grab the edge of the sweep and then extrude remove.

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    S1monS1mon Member Posts: 2,427 PRO
    Answer ✓
    Another quick solution which leaves cleaner geometry is to add the extrusion to the sweep, and then use move face to get rid of the extra material. No sketching required.

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    eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 1,552 PRO
    Answer ✓
    A simpler "replace face" also works (regardless of whether the parts are merged or not)


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