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Keep a reference to a body across operations

david_brophydavid_brophy Member Posts: 51 ✭✭
I've been stuck on this for a day now. I'm creating a feature to assist making Domino joints in wood panels. The panels will initially be modelled as overlapping, and the feature will do boolean operations to remove the overlapping parts, and then create sketches on the parts that will show where the Domino router will be aligned. 

I've made a simplified example:


If just two bodies are selected, the operation works... there's a boolean operation and a sketch is created on the boolean interface.

However, if more than 2 bodies are selected, after the first operation I get a "Parent Id ... used at two non-contiguous points in operation history" error. I've tried all manner of combinations of manually tracking the bodies, qCreatedBy, makeRobustQuery, startTracking, but can't seem to work this out. 

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