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New Feature: Regional pattern

jelte_steur814jelte_steur814 Member Posts: 78 PRO
edited April 15 in General
When I have some complex transition between a boss or pocket and a main face, I sometimes run into limitations of the pattern features. face/feature patterns each have there limitations in how robust they replicate onto other faces or parts. Part patterns with cuts afterwards don't work well with transitions where material may be added and removed at the same time.

So I regularly ended up using a way of working where i'd create a defined region, and then intersect, cut transform/pattern and unite it elsewhere.
Each time I had to think hard about what to cut/intersect/unite where and when. And it always required me to create the region definition manually first.

So i figured i'd create a custom feature out of it and share it with the world. 
Please feel free to play around with it. It's crude, but that also makes it robust. 

Looking forward to your feedback!

Have fun with it!

I used a lot of the onshape native code for the definition and creation of the patterns. So Kudos to Onshape!


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