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Caching of context state through feature regeneration.

Konst_ShKonst_Sh Member Posts: 43 PRO
Some features combine a few requirements: to perform a quite expensive operations like boolean/ split and then be responsive to some frequent user interface edits, which are not changing the result of previously invoked operations and can be quite cheap but because they trigger the full evaluation of the feature body the responsiveness of that code is pretty bad overall.
Today we can do some caching of computational data via editing logic function and hidden definition parameters, which is nice but can't preserve context changes. So I propose we consider some mechanism of context-level caching where the context-changing operation itself would take care about that during user edit "session". That mechanism can be disabled during automatic regeneration if the overhead of cache validation on feature bounds is high, and can work only if the feature dialog is open. If something like that be available we could even store some expensive computational data in context variables instead of evaluating it in editing logic.
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