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Update all references to latest versions excludes derive features and variable studios...

david_brophydavid_brophy Member Posts: 51 ✭✭
I have a "global" document, which contains a master layout and global variables. I have a multitude of "assembly" documents which use the onshape derive feature to import sketches and shapes from the global document, and also import the global variables. I also have a "main" document which brings together all the assembly documents into a final layout.

Often I will make a change to the global document that affects many of the assembly documents. When I then load the main document, I use "update all references to latest versions", however it doesn't work as expected. Derive features and variable studios in the assembly documents aren't updated.

What I have to do is go through each of the assembly documents, and manually update the linked document for all derive features and variable studios. 

Currently I have about 10 assembly documents, so the task is a nuisance... But when this project is complete I'll have in the order of 100 assembly documents. Obviously this isn't ideal.

Is this by design? Or a bug? Perhaps I'm missing a way to include variable studios and derive features in the automatic update? Or perhaps a global update to bring all documents to the latest versions of everything...
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