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How to use Move boundary in FeatureScript - opMoveBoundary()

MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 1,740 PRO
edited April 29 in FeatureScript
I was having trouble finding how to use the Move boundary within FeatureScript. There is no OpMoveBoundary or OpExtend like you would expect. Here is how you can do it:

Import the extend FS from Onshapes STD at the start of your project.
// For move boundary
import(path : "12312312345abcabcabcdeff/6509fdce3abecacec8f38b8a/cffdc47ca3931d4c4d41ee51", version : "0e66a19d0a986e71c5d22df8");

Next, define the definition for the extend surface and call the function:
// Extend ends using move boundary
const extendSurfaceDefinitionLeft = {
     "entities" : leftEnd, // Query
     "tangentPropagation" : false, // Boolean
     "endCondition" : ExtendBoundingType.BLIND, // ExtendBoundingType
     "extendDistance" : definition.extensionLeft, // Length
     "oppositeDirection" : false, // Boolean
     "targetPart" : qNothing(), // Query
     "targetFace" : qNothing(), // Query
     "targetVertex" : qNothing(), // Query
     "maintainCurvature" : false // Boolean

extendSurface(context, id + "leftEndExtend", extendSurfaceDefinitionLeft);

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