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Why is this loft following a path so wierdly?

pavel_maňásekpavel_maňásek Member Posts: 5
I am new to onshape and CAD in general and I jumped straight into designing something pretty complex. I am trying to design a turbocharger that will get 3D printed and mounted to a small motor to spin it.

The impeller was surprisingly easy, the problem lies in the housing. I have made a big circle as a path, on the big circle there are two smaller circles of a different size and i tried to make a solid loft between them with the path specified as the big circle. The loft gets created, but instead of it being as simple as it could be, it tries to create a more complex shape that's skewed. I need a simple snail shape that will lay flat on the top plane and the pipe will gradually get thicker.

The second loft for the air output works just fine. Any other tips for the design would be appreciated.

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