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bad UI ruins an otherwise great feature

andreas_ranch146andreas_ranch146 Member Posts: 3 PRO
Is it just me, or is the Publication feature not really living up to it's potential, because the UI is not good for the people receiving it?

What I mean is, that the user interface is designed for us, the Onshape users, the ones setting up the document, not the receiving person. 

I have had several receivers of these publications that:
  1. can't find the export tab button
  2. can't/won't find the publication notes
  3. in 2d drawings, can't see the pages beyond page 1, because the other pages are hidden behind a tiny button.
  4. get confused by the amount of information in the instance/feature trees of Part Studio's and Assemblies.


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    Lucas_KuhnsLucas_Kuhns Member, csevp Posts: 89 PRO
    I would agree that it could be improved. However, with the state of our industry (metal fabrication) most of our vendors and customers are just going to want me to email them attachments anyway regardless of much improvement is made in this area!
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    martin_kopplowmartin_kopplow Member Posts: 393 PRO
    I found that people are still very much used to getting drawings and files emailed to them, not to say addicted. Now I come along and send them a link, and so the're already kicked out of their comfort zone. Uuuuh, something is different! Next thing is the link does not immediately reveal the file download button they expect and bam!, I get a phone call. :0) Seen that a couple of times already, and then the explaining starts. 
    It's true what Andreas says: The UI displayed on the receiving end needs to be tailored to the first time user. That is a default overview presentaion which  makes them feel safe and comfortable, and then a few easy to find friendly buttons for the main elements they'll probably need, so they get an easy success delivered right to their doorstep. 
    As long as receiving an email with attachments is obviously easier on them (and this basically means less confusing, even if it creates a load of work for them downstreams), they'll complain about us geeks who always make it more complicated than it actually is, only because it is new (Quote).
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