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Drawer side: extrude vs frame.

dmitriy_filyustindmitriy_filyustin Member Posts: 5
Hello, fellow onshapers!

I want to design a plywood drawer and export its dimensions. Being a complete newbie I see two options:
1. Apply "Extrude" feature to side sketches (maybe mirror afterwards).
2. Create a custom frame profile of desired dimensions (say, 18 x 700 (700 being side panel height)) and apply "Frame" feature to corresponding edges.

Initially I considered the first method but after completing the extrusions I could not apply "Cut List" feature properly since it would not give me part dimensions and I'm not sure how to export dimensions "fluently".
On the other hand, doing it in custom frame profile way feels like an unconventional approach, since I would need to specify drawer's side height in a separate part studio (as a dimension for the profile sketch). This approach, however, gives me the desired Length and profile dimensions in the "Cut List" output.

I'm uncertain about which approach to choose. I like to design with sketches and extrudes but I don't see a handy way to export part dimensions.

What is the standard way of doing these things (designing a plywood drawer and exporting its dimensions) in Onshape?


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    peter_jansenpeter_jansen Member Posts: 10
    seems like you are looking for proper cutlist functionality too. There has to be something we can use????
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