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Inability to fillet after sweeping on two projected lines around a cone

torin_clarktorin_clark Member Posts: 7
Hi there,

I'm trying to design a finger support ring for my friend and I'm having some issues with filleting the area between the two sections.
Initially I created this from two solid sweeps and tried to boolean them together, however the boolean failed (probably for the same reason) and i had to generate it as two surfaces before enclosing the full shape.

Looking closer at the join between the halves, it seems to become jagged and non-continuous, though (in theory) it should be straight.

so that's...weird.

Could someone please help me work out how to better do this? If there is another method I should be using to smoothen the line, or an alternative method of generating the shape?
Model available here:

Thank you in advance!

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    David_YL_NguyenDavid_YL_Nguyen Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 98
    Hey @torin_clark,

    I think there might have been some non-manifold geometry issues going on, only creating half anbd then mirroring the part did the trick. Does that work for you?


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    torin_clarktorin_clark Member Posts: 7
    Hi @David_YL_Nguyen

    I think this solution would work if the parts were around a cylinder at identical angles, however the parts are not at identical angles, and are around a cone so also not identical diameters, so mirroring would not work unfortunately
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    torin_clarktorin_clark Member Posts: 7

    Here is an exaggerated version of the design (inner cone left in)
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    David_YL_NguyenDavid_YL_Nguyen Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 98
    edited May 14
    Did you have a look at the link that I have shared, I have actually used all of your geometry (planes, sketches, angles, axis, etc.) just with the mirror to create the final part.

    The part is mirrored along the Right plane not the Front plane in this case, meaning that the design follows the conical shape.

    The final result image is below.
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    torin_clarktorin_clark Member Posts: 7
    Ah I'm really sorry

    I adjusted the sweep so that the profile direction was locked again, but I still am not able to fillet with the modified design for some reason...have you been able to?

    Thank you!
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    David_YL_NguyenDavid_YL_Nguyen Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 98
    Answer ✓
    Have a look again: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/9397f746326ef01d3d5395df/w/dca1b94420e24a34bacac6d6/e/e47697c2c9d09f6cd92c291e

    I slightly changed my design approach and created the initial section of the sweep with a locked profile. I was then able to apply a fillet. I think probably for all of this with more complex surfacing operations you would be able to get a better result.
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    torin_clarktorin_clark Member Posts: 7
    That's exactly what I wanted to do! Thank you!
    I guess it must've been because the edge went to zero? Which it now doesn't, that's perfect, thank you!
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