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Specify configuration on Partstudio translation - API

marcus_schaefermarcus_schaefer Member Posts: 2 PRO
I am trying to convert a specific configuration of my partstudio to a step file and I keep getting the default configuration. I'm assuming that this configuration string is where to specify and I have tried "configuration={config_parameterID}%3D{config_parameterValue}" (the normal configuration string format), but it still gives the default configuration. When I try it without the "configuration=" just "{config_parameterID}%3D{config_parameterValue}" I get an error. It seems like the first format is accepted but doesn't give the correct result. Has anyone had any success with this or have any ideas?


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    Caden_Armstrong_Caden_Armstrong_ Member Posts: 32 PRO
    edited May 11
    You don't need to include the configuration= part when it's in the body of the request.

    But when it's in the body of the request you also shouldn't URL encode it, which I can see you are doing by the inclusion of %3D. URL encoding is only needed when it's a URL parameter.
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